Our Services


  • Online Ordering provides a number of forms and reports all aimed at making your life easier.

  • The services include:

  • Online You can replace the need to write your orders on bags or slips of paper.

  • Flexible You can change or even delete your order right up to the close off day and time.

  • Account Credits You can put credits into your account at any time replacing the need to put cash with orders each week. You can also view your account balance at any time. We on charge the bank merchant fees for this at: 1.6% + $0.30c per transaction
    Reports You can see your order history via easy to read reports.

  • Low Cost There is a small administration fee to cover the cost of processing - but you only pay when you place an order. At only 2%, that's only 14c on a $7.00 order.


  • Online Canteen Orders provides a number of forms and reports all aimed at streamlining the process of managing canteen orders at your school.

  • The services include:

  • Online Booking This is an online system for school canteens replacing the need for bags or paper based orders

    • Time Efficient A custom made suite of reports gives you all the information you need. Reports include Canteen Order by Class and Canteen Orders by Type (eg Lunch Food orders).

    • Real Time The canteen menu is always up-to-date and can be changed at any time removing the need to post updated menus.

    • Flexible Reporting We make a suite of reports available to schools (and parents) all aimed at improving efficiency of running your school canteen. We can also add reports if you need them - just let us know and we will make it happen.

    • Cost Effective The Administration Fee on orders (see Parents section above) is the only cost of running this system.